Gibson Mini E-Tune: Available Now

The new Gibson Mini E-Tunes allow you to play in tons of alternate tunings at just the flick of a switch. Say goodbye to long-winded tune-ups between songs and say hello to the future.


March 2013

Hello Junkies, just thought I’d check in to let you know about some exciting new tech that’s gonna be on it’s way to us in 2013. 

For a while now there have been whisperings of robot tech on Gibson guitars, most of us have seen the YouTube videos and heard about these amazing self tuning guitars but few of us have had the chance to try one out. Fortunately for you we’ve had the chance and it is amazing. The new Gibson Mini-ETune is now available and better yet - affordable.  It fits on to the back of the headstock and within 3 seconds or one strum (2 to be on the safe side…) your guitar will be perfectly in tune and not only that, perfectly in an alternate tuning of your choice.

Gibson have never been shy of technology and in general other advances have been welcomed with open arms, the humbucking pickup and the tune-o-matic bridge for example, however some people seem to be worried that this robot tech is removing real musicality from the equation, a step closer to the guitar-hero guitar and a step away from the true musical heart. A wise man once made the comparison to Walt Disney’s ‘Wall-e’, set in a future where humankind are so reliant on hover chairs and robots everyone is morbidly obese. Will we become so reliant on this tuning technology our ears become lazy and obese? Probably not.  

If anything what Gibson have given us is a huge possibility – I don’t know about you but I for one have never really experimented in open G, open E7, DADGAD, or any of those other beautiful sounding alternate tunings. The Gibson Mini-Etune allows us the freedom to play in any tuning at the flick of a switch, which in my opinion is a wonderful thing for music and song writing as a whole. I for one am really excited about it and can't wait to get one for myself.


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